Sanction violation complaints hit ‘double-digits’

The Law Office has received complaints on possible sanctions violations running into double-digits, Attorney-General George Savvides told a parliamentary committee discussing the Cyprus Confidential expose. It involves millions of leaked files on financial transactions

Traffic cameras bogged down by complaints

Cyprus’ newly introduced traffic camera network operators cannot clear a backlog of 45,000 fines while offenders complain of being slapped with excessive penalties. So far, the four fixed cameras at a busy

COVID19: 300 complaints of vaccine side effects

Some 301 people in Cyprus have reported experiencing side effects from taking a COVID-19 vaccine since the country’s rollout in December. According to the Pharmaceutical Services of the Health Ministry, until 12

Complaints against police increase 23%

Public complaints against the police force increased by 23% in 2018, while authorities are confident that the findings of the same survey indicate there is an improvement in the way officers behave.