Low-level civil servants want better pay

The island’s labour stability is under threat as unions representing civil servants are set to decide whether to escalate their campaign for pay raises for 9,000 low-paid state employees. Members of the

Flexible hours for civil servants to ease traffic

The House passed legislation tweaking public servants’ working hours, proposed by the Transport Ministry to alleviate traffic congestion in urban centres during rush hour. According to the changes, civil servants can now

Limo privileges for civil servants scrapped

President Nicos Anastasiades has intervened to scrap free, around-the-clock use of state luxury vehicles for top civil servants after criticism it was a “scandalous” waste of taxpayers’ money. In a statement on

Civil servants to be performance tested

Cyprus MPs have approved legislation reforming how civil servants are evaluated and promoted to rid an unfair system biased toward seniority over ability and performance. A majority of MPs passed the two