Halloumi gets its own website

The government has launched an action plan to promote halloumi as a ‘product of designated origin’ (PDO) after the European Commission rubberstamped its authenticity as a Cypriot product. Aiming to boost the

Big halloumi sell-off

This weekend is consumers’ last chance to buy halloumi at discounted prices at supermarkets, as dairy producers offload their last batches of the squeaky cheese that do not comply with the EU

No more halloumi wars

A ceasefire between Halloumi producers and the government comes into effect on Thursday, as an agreement over what makes the cheese special comes into effect. The news comes after dairy producers and

Halloumi saga hardens on big producers

The Agriculture Ministry is confident that by the end of the month, major dairy producers will be on board with the government’s decision only to allow Halloumi products conforming with the cheese’s

Halloumi dispute softens

Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis appeared confident that a standoff between authorities and dairy producers over what makes a Halloumi will soon end after the two sides met President Nicos Anastasiades. Afterwards, Kadis

Cyprus gets tough on squeaky cheese

Authorities will turn up the heat on dairy producers trading Halloumi products that do not meet the required EU standards under the cheese’s PDO (Product of Designated Origin), following a Legal Services

Halloumi identity crisis

The “what makes” Halloumi saga is far from over, as the government and stakeholders prepare for a legal standoff over how the island’s traditional white cheese should be produced. Halloumi’s PDO (Product

6,000 tonnes of unsold Halloumi

Some 6,000 tonnes of halloumi, earmarked for export, are stored in refrigerators after the coronavirus pandemic saw the demand for Cyprus’ traditional cheese collapse. Cheesemakers are asking authorities to step in to