33 arrested after violence at migrant camp

Police arrested 33 people after violence erupted at Cyprus’ main migrant reception centre when fighting broke out between two ethnic groups, authorities said Tuesday. Riot police were called to quell a disturbance

Second reinforced fence at migrant reception camp

The Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday that a second protective fence was placed around the perimeter of the Pournara migrant reception centre at Kokkinotrimithia, Nicosia. The ministry said the aim is to restrict

Cyprus to deport troublemakers at migrant camp

The government intends to proceed with the immediate deportation of those who took part in violent clashes at the Pournara Reception Center, Interior Minister Nicos Nouris said. He visited the migrant centre

Riot police quell violence at asylum camp

Cypriot riot police used tear gas to quell violence at a migrant reception centre on Friday after clashes between different ethnic groups caused a fire to break out, authorities said. Police said

Teenager wanted after migrant clashes at camp

Police are hunting for a 15-year-old wanted for attempted murder after fleeing the scene of violence at the Pournara migrant reception centre. Some 35 migrants suffered minor injuries following a fight between

UNHCR wants migrant camp decongested

UNHCR said the Pournara migrant reception centre in Kokkinotrimithia needs to be decongested to prevent more violent outbreaks at the overcrowded facility. The UN agency also acknowledges the challenges faced by the