Building permits decline, costs rise

Building permits issued in Cyprus from January to November declined by an annual 5.4%, but the total value rose 1.2%, reflecting increasing construction costs amid soaring inflation and supply chain disruptions. According to


House building slows amid high costs

Building activity declined slightly, slowed by rising costs in the first six months of 2022 compared to the same period last year, official data shows. The construction sector’s activity fell slightly in


Cost of building materials spike 17%

The cost of building materials in Cyprus continues to rise, while the Central Bank warned the war in Ukraine will only make things worse for the construction industry. According to the Cyprus

Building density law stumps development

Real estate and property development contribute to creating job opportunities and the growth of the Cyprus economy. Development is controlled by the existing town planning zones, which set certain factors, such as


When the roof falls in

When a nearly dilapidated house in Aradippou collapsed earlier this week, initial reports suggested it was a minor incident and that there were no injuries. The mayor even told CyBC radio that


Soaring building costs shackle recovery

Cyprus real estate and construction sectors are stressed from skyrocketing prices of building materials, making it harder to recover from the pandemic and scrapping of the ‘golden passports’ scheme. According to the