Cyprus in the dock over EU budget fraud

European prosecutors accuse Cyprus of inadequately monitoring how EU funds are spent, claiming one in 10 fraud cases against the European Union budget has a Cypriot connection, an accusation Nicosia denies. Cyprus


State budget passes after bumpy ride

Following its unprecedented rejection, Cyprus’ revised 2021 budget was narrowly approved by parliament with the government relieved to see millions for coronavirus support unlocked. The €17.1 bln budget was passed on Thursday


MPs fiddle while Cyprus burns

Politicians showed true Christmas spirit in not allowing the government to have a budget or spend more money on the COVID-struck fledgeling national health service. Communists AKEL were suddenly concerned about the


Democracy held hostage

Opposition parties may have won the battle, by throwing out next year’s state budget for the first time in decades, and giving the government a bloody nose, but they have not won


Budget defeat setback for COVID recovery plan

Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides on Friday said parliament’s 2021 budget rejection came at the worst possible time, putting the brakes on government fast-tracking economic recovery from COVID-19. Although the government is preparing

Budget at risk over corruption

DIKO is the first party to say outright it will reject the 2021 state budget at the parliament’s plenum for final debate and approval on December 17. It may be punishing the


Cyprus COVID budget debate hits passports row

Cyprus’ COVID-affected budget 2021 debate begins on Monday in parliament with some opposition MPs threatening to vote against it after the ‘golden passports’ debacle. Minister of Finance Constantinos Petrides will brief MPs