Cyprus’ banking sector shrinking

The banking system shrunk further in 2022; nearly a thousand bank employees have left the sector, while banks have closed 56 branches across the island, also removing 62 ATMs from the network.

Legacy banking not serving SMEs

Ever since the financial crisis of 2011-2012 brought Cyprus banks to their knees, the owners and managers of legacy financial institutions have yet to learn from their mistakes. Cyprus was shut out


Banking system NPLS remain at 10.5%

Non-performing loans in the Cyprus banking system remained unchanged in November, with the NPL rate to total loans at 10.5%, according to the central bank. According to the latest data, total NPLs

Cyprus banking system posted Q3 losses

The Cyprus banking system reported after-tax losses of €36 million on a consolidated basis in the first nine months, from a profit of €22.54 million in the same period last year due

Hellenic’s benched CEO can return

Hellenic Bank’s CEO, Oliver Gatzke, can return to work on Monday following the lifting of the board’s decision to sideline the German after allegations of market abuse. Gatzke could be back at

Banking’s future is digital, green & social

The future of the Cyprus banking sector is digital, green, and social, said experts during the online FMW Conference on the financial system. The conference also highlighted the contrast between taming inflation

Banking network shrinks by over half

Cyprus’ banking network has shrunk by a quarter in the past three years, as many branches have closed and the workforce reduced as banks go digital. According to the Association of Cyprus

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