Low approval rate of asylum claims

In 2022, EU countries granted protection status to 384,245 asylum seekers, up by 40% compared with 2021 (275,040), but in Cyprus, only 580 cases were granted (from 2,305), according to Eurostat. Of


Cyprus to speed up asylum returns

Nicosia is ramping up efforts to tackle the migration crisis, expanding reception centres, speeding up asylum seeker applications, and increasing voluntary returns to 1,000 a month, said Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou. In

Five Med states unhappy with asylum burden

Less than a week after a deadly migrant shipwreck off Italy, five European Union states on the Mediterranean have criticised fellow members for not accepting asylum-seekers under a voluntary relocation initiative. The


Nicosia to toughen asylum procedures

The Law Commissioner’s Office is preparing a bill to speed up asylum seeker applications and introduce penalties if they violate their terms of stay. The Interior Ministry requested tighter time frames for

Riot police quell violence at asylum camp

Cypriot riot police used tear gas to quell violence at a migrant reception centre on Friday after clashes between different ethnic groups caused a fire to break out, authorities said. Police said

Cyprus to focus on asylum abusers

Cyprus believes there is an abuse of the EU asylum system and that some applicants falsely claim they are at risk from countries such as Syria, said Interior Minister Nicos Nouris. In


More failed asylum seekers being returned

Authorities are stepping up efforts to repatriate failed asylum seekers to alleviate pressure on reception centres and social welfare. According to police data, this year (up until August 19), 3,680 foreign nationals

Monthly first-time EU asylum applicants dip 28% 

In April, 54,145 first-time asylum applicants applied for international protection in the 27-member bloc, up 66% compared to a year ago (32,570) but down 28% from March (74,950). The decrease from March is attributed to the

Record year for asylum claims

Cyprus is creaking under increased migrant flows, said Interior Minister Nicos Nouris, arguing that asylum seekers are 5% of the population, as applications rise by 140%. Nouris blamed Turkey for putting Cyprus