Olivewood dream turns ugly

Cyprus’ audiovisual industry, dubbed Olivewood, has tarnished its reputation, as producers of a Hollywood production take the government to court for not fulfilling its €8.5 mln rebate obligations. Hollywood producers of Jiu


Cyprus bans textbook over Ataturk reference

On Wednesday, Cyprus’ Education Ministry removed an English language workbook from the school curriculum for “inappropriately” lauding Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The ministry’s decision to withdraw the book “until a solution


COVID19: Mu variant not a concern

The new Mu variant does not appear ready to replace Delta as the dominant COVID-19 mutation, although scientists argue it has been around for some months now in South America. Zoe Dorothea-Pana,

Cypriots keeping hotels open

Hoteliers are turning to Cypriots still in a holiday mode to boost occupancy, with tourist numbers still nowhere near those of the pre-coronavirus era, despite a last-minute upturn. While hoping an upward

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