Secure your home while on holiday

During any holiday season, especially the summer, many people go on vacation for an extended period, with complete neighbourhoods practically empty, so there is no protection of your property from prying eyes.


Why are we so unhappy?

Since the World Happiness Report was published ten years ago, Cyprus has been lingering in the “partly miserable, mainly unhappy” range, ranking 46 in the latest report, with some reasons similar to


Towards a Net-Zero Industry

The dawn of a new era for the industry might be in sight as the world is now entering an era of green production through the application of clean technologies. It’s about

Living on the extinction horizon

Those watching the heart-wrenching scenes of wildfires destroying Greece and the heroic effort against the flames have many Cypriots feeling it could be us. Cyprus is no stranger to wildfires, with the


Forestry College essential

Two years ago, when European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visited to see the devastation caused by the infernal summer fires, she pleaded for the immediate implementation of community projects and