Yurt is not the word

There is an evident effort to upgrade the quality of local hotels and entertainment places, both in terms of building and service quality; we now note the Tourism Ministry is encouraging organised


COVID19: Poland’s New Deal

By Mateusz Morawiecki We live in amazing times. But, unfortunately, the last dozen or so months have been marked by health concerns and fears about the future. Many Poles wondered whether they


My kingdom for a minister

There we were thinking the government would turn the page on its transparency record by reshuffling the Cabinet to herald a bright new dawn in Cyprus politics. The parliamentary elections sent a


Copper powers smart city revolution

By Peter van der Borgh As municipalities across Cyprus announce plans to become “smart cities”, we take a deep dive into this new model, and specifically what this means for the future


Data protection is the new normal

By Katerina Michael The level of information technology conquered in the 21st century has caused rapid developments in communicating, behaving, working, and living. As with all modern achievements, there is always a