Alternative energy is the new frontier

With Russia halting natural gas supplies to western Europe, the ‘weaponisation’ of energy had lurked in everyone’s mind. Politicians prayed Moscow would never resort to this form of blackmail and the pipelines


The cost of war on refugees

Annita Demetriou accepted a warm invitation from Poland’s Sejm Speaker Elzbieta Witek to see first-hand, with eight other female presidents of European parliaments, the Ptak reception centre and Dorhusk crossing point, as


From deadlock to the path of hope

Developments in Ukraine are of concern to all of us. Invasion, war, and daily human tragedies on all fronts. The need to halt all hostilities is, unfortunately, becoming more distant as time


Businesses fall into Greenwashing trap

Leaders worldwide are reaffirming their commitment to accelerate measures to fight climate change. Similarly, Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), recently stated the fight against climate change is on


Rwanda and missing migrant children

It would be no shock if Nicosia were secretly studying the UK plan for asylum seekers, sticking them on the plane and sending them 6,500 km away to Rwanda. Britain’s half-baked approach


COVID is not over

Anxious to hastily remove all restrictions and measures, as if the coronavirus had not passed through Cyprus, officials seem to be unaware of the virus recurring in China’s commerce and wealth capital,


New momentum for East Med gas?

Europe was already facing an energy crisis before Russia invaded Ukraine, but Moscow’s move has forced a rethink of energy policies at the EU and country levels. The European Union, which imported