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Democracy held hostage

Opposition parties may have won the battle, by throwing out next year’s state budget for the first time in decades, and giving the government a bloody nose, but they have not won


Walking the yard in prison COVID

Christmas is going to feel more like a siege of the human spirit rather than a festive fun bath with family and friends all giving and living to the max. Incredulously, there


EU leaders must hold the green line

By Pascal Lamy, Enrico Letta and Laurence Tubiana Historians will no doubt look back on 2020 as a turning point for the European Union. But which of two competing headlines will capture


Mongolian-style tents are an eyesore

You may wonder how Mongolia came into the Cyprus town planning picture. The Mongolian nation of nomads became fearsome fighters in Asia and as they grew in numbers with limited national resources,


Slow justice encourages fraud

The delays in the Cyprus justice system is well known and “accepted” by everybody. Cyprus Court delays are next to the bottom with Zimbabwe that shows what a mess we are in.