Living in a Cyprus kleptocracy

By Panicos Demetriades Soon after the report on the ‘citizenship by investment’ scheme, fellow economist George Koumoullis convincingly made the case that Cyprus is a kleptocracy – a system of government in


Economics needs a climate revolution

By Tom Brookes & Gernot Wagner  Nowhere are the limitations of neoclassical economic thinking – the DNA of economics as it is currently taught and practiced – more apparent than in the


COVID19: Poland’s New Deal

By Mateusz Morawiecki We live in amazing times. But, unfortunately, the last dozen or so months have been marked by health concerns and fears about the future. Many Poles wondered whether they


Data protection is the new normal

By Katerina Michael The level of information technology conquered in the 21st century has caused rapid developments in communicating, behaving, working, and living. As with all modern achievements, there is always a


Can GovCoins usurp cryptocurrencies?

By Katerina Michael GovCoins are considered the most important financial innovation since the invention of banknotes – it is the response of central banks and national governments to cryptocurrencies that rose rapidly