Red light traffic fines to be reduced

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Parliament has passed a bill reducing the fine for red-light violations in Cyprus, if a car has marginally exceeded the pedestrian crossing, while maintaining a hefty fine for passing the crossing at traffic lights.

The House plenary session passed the bill, proposed by DIPA MP Marinos Moushoutas, which now regulates the fine according to how far the car has passed the line.

The amendment was deemed necessary after motorists were fined €300 for stopping on or just before the crossing when the light turns red.

“There’s a big difference between running a red light that could cause a fatal accident and a completely different thing going slightly over the line of the pedestrian crossing,” said Greens MP Stavros Papadouris.

The government said the changes will take up to six months to implement, as the entire system needs to be re-adjusted, while the cost of the upgrade is expected to be about €1-1.5 mln.

According to the parliamentary amendments, crossing the first line will carry a fine of €25, stopping on the pedestrian crossing will be reduced from €300 to €85, while stopping after the pedestrian line or running a red light will be fined €300.

Stopping on the warning signs that have recently been painted on roads does not carry a fine.