Hundreds of BA passengers stranded at Larnaca

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Hundreds of British Airways passengers booked to return to the UK were stranded at Larnaca airport Saturday as the airline and low-cost carrier easyJet reportedly cancelled or delayed at least 60 flights.

BA flights headed to Heathrow were delayed with passengers notified the last minute, while some showed up at the airport only to be told the changes and tried to find accommodation.

An easyJet flights was delayed several hours, but eventually took off.

A third BA flight schedule to leave late Saturday has been re-scheduled for 10am Sunday without any assurance that the flight will take place.

A BA representative at Larnaca airport was not available and eventually the number was off the hook.

Passengers calling a hotline in the UK were told there could be alternative BA flights to Gatwick, but they would have to rush to another Cyprus airport, in Paphos, at least two hours’ drive away and fearing they would miss that flight as well.

UK media reports said the weekend large-scale cancellations were due to overbookings, considering Monday’s bank holiday, families returning from their summer holidays and poor weather conditions impeding flights.