Stock market capitalisation reaches €1.90 bln

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The market capitalisation of shares traded on the Cyprus Stock Exchange reached €1.90 bln in July, according to the CSE monthly bulletin.

Total market capitalisation, including the Bond Market, reached €3.37 bln, down 1.08% from €3.41 bln in the previous month.

Based on the data for July, the Main Market constituted 31.66% of the total market capitalisation, the Alternative Market 23.11%, the Surveillance Market 1.65% and the Bond Market 43.58%.

According to the CSE, the total value of transactions for July was €4.46 mln, an average of €0.21 mln per trading session.

Most of the total trading volume of the past month was concentrated in the financial sector with 81.93%.

The shares with the highest percentage of the monthly trading volume were Demetra Holdings Plc and the shares of “Bank of Cyprus Holdings Plc”, with 40.45% and 21.82%, respectively.

In the last trading session of July, the General Index reached 67.59 points, representing a relative decrease of 0.6%, accompanied by an 18.62% increase in the total value of shares traded compared to June.