Police probe ‘racist’ attack on woman in Larnaca

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Larnaca police have arrested a 43-year-old in connection with a possible racist attack following a video of a man kicking a black woman holding a baby on the floor that lit up social media.

The Greek Cypriot was arrested on suspicion of assault and causing actual bodily harm.

In the video, a man is seen violently punching and kicking an African woman on the ground holding a baby, then attacking a man who tried to stop him.

The incident reportedly took place in a Larnaca location on Wednesday afternoon after the woman dared complain about a dodgy car she was sold.

Police launched a search and arrested the assailant, following a complaint filed by the woman, going through CCTV footage from cameras in the area.

Apart from a case of assault, they are also investigating whether the attack could constitute a hate crime with a racist motive.

Attorney General, George Savvides, has contacted the Chief of Police, Stelios Papatheodorou, who assured him that a criminal investigation is being conducted into the incident.

The Mayor of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras, tweeted after the incident that “racism, misogyny and violence have no place in Larnaca”.

“Larnaca is a multicultural city, welcoming all people and diversity.

“Racism, misogyny, and violence have no place here.

“I call on all relevant bodies to carry out the necessary investigations into the incident of the violent beating,” tweeted Vyras.

Meanwhile, the woman is being treated for her injuries at Larnaca General.

Reportedly, the woman had recently bought a car from the attacker, who had reassured her that the vehicle had no mechanical problems.

Following the purchase, the woman took the car to a mechanic who had spotted several problems with it.

The woman then returned to the seller, asking him to go over possible solutions to compensate her as the car did not meet his claims.

Allegedly, the man refused to discuss it with her, boasting that “no one could touch him, as he was in his own country”.

He then attacked the mother, holding a baby in her arms.