COVID19: Booster shots after 5.5 months

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People who have had their booster shot for COVID-19 can now update their Safe Pass documents through the online platform while shortening the wait for an extra jab.

Booster shots are now available to anyone over 19 after five months and two weeks since the second dose instead of six months.

On Tuesday, the Deputy Ministry of Innovation announced the platform upgrade.

As a result, people who get a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine can now issue an updated version of their European Union COVID Certificate (EUDCC).

People vaccinated with a booster jab can issue their updated version of the EUDCC online at

They will have to upload it to their COVPASS application, replacing the previous version with two doses.

The announcement comes just days before Safe Pass documents without a booster shot are essentially cancelled.

Cypriots who have completed seven months since their initial vaccination scheme have to roll up their sleeves for a booster shot.

If not, you must carry a negative PCR test, not older than 72 hours, or a rapid test for 48 hours for hospitality venues.

The measure comes into force on 18 December, with the cabinet set to revisit the measure on 15 January.

Despite shortening the period between the last dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and a booster shot to 5 and a half months, people will still be given up to seven months to have their jab.

According to the ministry, 85.6% of the adult population has received a COVID vaccine, while 81.7% are fully vaccinated.

Overall, 68.2% of the island’s population is fully vaccinated.

And over 66% of people eligible for a booster shot have received one.

For underaged teenagers and children, 50.4% of the 16 to 17 group have had at least one jab, while 43.3% are fully vaccinated.

And 38.9% of children 12 to 15 have been jabbed, and 30.3% are fully vaccinated.

Cyprus has reported some 141,566 COVID-19 cases and 611 deaths.