Cyprus welcomed 38,000 tourists in April, mostly Russians

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Cyprus received only 38,226 tourists in April 2021 from zero arrivals the same month last year due to the first coronavirus lockdown, the Statistical Service announced.

There was an entry ban on visitors to the Republic during a strict national lockdown that lasted from March to June 2020.

The upturn in arrivals this April was mainly down to Russian visitors.

Arrivals from Russia were the main source of tourism in April 2021, with a share of 41.7% (15,935), followed by Greece with 12.8% (4,900) and Israel with 12.6% (4,824).

Compared to pre-COVID times, there was an 88.4% decline in arrivals than April 2019 – a record year for Cyprus tourism – with 329,3087 recorded.

For the first four months to April 2021, arrivals of tourists reached 55,973 compared to 246,556 in the same period of 2020, recording a decrease of 77.3%.

Compared to 2019 figures (686,783 arrivals), the decline was a much steeper 91.8% for January – April.

Cyprus went from record tourist arrivals to plunge 84 per cent in 2020, with the island suffering a tourism nightmare as the pandemic decimated holiday travel.

Tourist arrivals plunged by 84.1% in 2020 to mark Cyprus’ worst tourist seasons due to Covid-19.

Trips abroad

In total, 15,338 residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad in April, compared to 4,000 in the same month last year, recording an increase of 283.5%.

Compared to a travel-normal April 2019, there was an 86.9% decrease this year.

The main countries from which Cyprus residents returned were Greece with a 32.3% share and Russia with 10.4%.