Hatzidakis-Steinitz focus on East Med and Israel-Cyprus-Crete interconnector

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Energy ministers of Israel and Greece have discussed ways to further develop the EastMed natural gas pipeline, as well as closer cooperation between Greece and Israel for the Israel-Cyprus-Crete electricity interconnector.

Meeting on the sidelines of the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid, Greek Environment and Energy Minister, Kostis Hatzidakis, and his Israeli counterpart, Yuval Steinitz “discussed the strategic cooperation between the countries, as well as with the Republic of Cyprus, on matters of energy,” according to an announcement.

The announcement added that “in particular, the development of the EastMed natural gas pipeline was discussed, as well as the cooperation between Greece, Cyprus and Israel for the electricity interconnection from Crete to Israel, via Cyprus,” known as the EuroAsia Interconnector.

“The two sides repeated their commitment to support these two important energy projects,” it added.

After the meeting, Hatzidakis tweeted, “with my Israeli counterpart, Mr Yuval Steinitz (@steinitz_yuval), we reiterated our support to 2 important projects: the EastMed natural gas pipeline and the electricity interconnection from Crete to Israel, via Cyprus.”

In earlier comments to the Cyprus edition of Kathimerini newspaper, Hatzidakis was asked what Greece and Cyprus have gained from their regional network of energy partnerships.

“The EastMed pipeline, the EuroAsia Interconnector cable, the Aphrodite field in Idku are tangible examples of this process,” he said in the interview.

He added, “the lifting of Cyprus’ electricity isolation is a priority for Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and for me personally. The Euroasia (Interconnector) remains among the PCI projects and Greece will continue to support it, as we have also committed ourselves together with Cyprus in a joint statement to the European Commission last October.

“Alas if we left Cyprus energetically isolated!” Hatzidakis concluded.