ENERGY: Turkey confirms it has started drilling in Cyprus waters

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Turkish Minister of Energy Fatih Donmez has confirmed the Fatih vessel is drillings for natural gas within Cyprus EEZ at a depth of around 2,300 metres.

“Our drilling at the moment has exceeded 3,000 metres. Our targeted depth is to go down to around 5000-5500 metres below the surface of the sea,” said Donmez.

He said targeted point should be reached around the end of July.

“We do not have the opportunity to know what is there and what is not there before carrying out drilling. Those who try to throw Turkey outside the energy equation in the Eastern Mediterranean realize that there is no realistic solution without Turkey, but they cannot say it,” he added.

Donmez said Turkey would defend the rights of Turkish Cypriots and was in favour of “fair sharing”.

He said Turkey would continue their energy drills with Fatih and Yavuz vessels both in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Second drill ship Yavuz was upgraded at the shipyard will be sent it off to the Eastern Mediterranean on Thursday.

“And around the beginning of July, it will start its first drill in the area for which we are licensed by the TRNC,” said Donmez.