DEFENCE: Egypt, Greece and Cyprus in joint military exercise

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Egypt, Greece and Cyprus started Monday a joint aeronautical military exercises known as Medusa-8, in the Mediterranean Sea off Alexandria. 

The military drills are part of annual joint exercises carried out by the Egyptian Armed Forces to strengthen and support military cooperation with friendly countries. 

The war games off Egypt will lasts for several days with the aim of boosting military cooperation among the three allies. 

Egyptian navy helicopter carrier ENS Anwar El Sadat, a Type 209 submarine and a number of F-16 fighter jets will be involved in the exercise. 

In 2015, Egypt and Greece held their first joint exercise Medusa 5 and Cyprus has recently upgraded its defence cooperation with Cairo. 

The manoeuvres are considered one of the most important drills in the Mediterranean and underlines the strong level of defence cooperation among Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus.