CYPRUS: 30 women killed by partners in 15 years of domestic violence

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Cyprus has seen an alarming rise in domestic violence with more than 30 women murdered by their partners in the past 15 years.

Parliament’s Human Rights Committee heard Ministry of Justice officials give worrying accounts on the increase of domestic violence incidents during a discussion into the government's decision to create a support centre for abused women.

According to data presented, incidents of domestic violence have increased over the years with more than 30 women being murdered by their partners or ex-partners.

In 2017, 89% of a total of 12,833 calls made to the domestic violence hotline (1440) were related to violence against women. In 2018, 14,404 calls were placed to the hotline.

In her report to the committee, Commissioner for Equality Iosifina Antoniou said that 80% of the victims in domestic violence cases are women, 10% are men and the rest are elderly or children.

Meanwhile, according to EU data, 1 out of 3 women over 15 has suffered violence, while more than half (55%) have been sexually harrased or assaulted at least once in their lives.

Officials told the committee that the cost of domestic violence to the global economy is around USD 8 trillion.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the ‘home for women’ will offer abused women psycholigical support, while police officers and other specialists will be on duty to look into domestic violence cases and respond to the victims needs.

Operating hours and cost of the support centre for women will be announced by June.