CYPRUS: Limassol dockers to stage 24-hour strike

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Limassol port dockers are to stage a 24-hour strike on Wednesday and will hold a demonstration outside the Presidential Palace in Nicosia while the Cabinet holds its weekly meeting.

According to an announcement issued by trade union PEO’s branch representing port workers, the dockers will present President Anastasiades and his ministers with a letter explaining the reasons behind their strike.

Dockers are taking industrial action as they disagree with the introduction of an arbitration panel to preside over the dispute regarding the renewal of the collective agreement between the companies managing the Limassol Port and port workers.

Operations at Limassol port have been hampered by industrial disputes ever since going into private hands in 2017.

"With decisions taken, the port workers express their intent to defend the Industrial Relations Code and practices applied to date, for the renewal of their collective agreement, as well as for settling other labour disputes that emerged with the undertaking of the Limassol Port management by the companies EUROGATE and DP WORLD," said PEO’s announcement.

PEO said that "employers are responsible for any unrest, as their decisions have forced workers into industrial action.”

The left-wing union federation said: "The only way to restore normality is for them to withdraw these decisions and end all violations of the collective agreement, while negotiations are launched to resolve all outstanding issues".