What there is to do when retiring in Cyprus

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We will not repeat the attractions of Cyprus regarding retirement but having reached near retirement age (A.L.) we have a special interest for retirees, either locals or foreign and we keep our ears open on the subject.

What does one do upon retirement and if there are indeed things to do, or just do nothing and wait for the expected – health issues apart.  The life expectancy in Cyprus is 80 years for men and 85 years for women, so there is time between retirement and the end (usual retirement age at 60-65 years).

With respect to our “investigation” we came up with all sorts of information which we wish to pass on, as well as others who are or reaching the age of “doing nothing”.

Retirement activities dear readers are regrettably based on the income availability.  So, our suggestions are subject to the above parameters, inclination and physical capabilities of the retirees.

We know locals and others in business becoming board members of mainly foreign-based firms, but care is required since nowadays directors of a company bear a very serious responsibility and for those who are interested must ask the company for provision of a professional indemnity insurance.

·         A local ex-top accountant has decided to take up fishing and in addition some other activities. His fishing results (we have seen it) is most impressive we must say.  In addition to the fishing “lessons” he acquired a small fishing boat at the cost of €8,000 plus suitable beach boat parking (not many around).

·         Those who have a large plot of land such as a shipowner, who planted local fruit trees and he is selling his lemon produce to a local supermarket in exchange for the supermarket’s goods.  It is not a matter only of “selling” the lemons he said, “but  I get a big enjoyment in seeing my produce in the shop, it’s worth a million to me”.

·         A German client of ours who had a very highly paid job and who has around 5,000 sq.m. of land, has planted corn which is used for his own/ family consumption and friends.  "It costs more to me as compared to buy from the supermarket, but I have the pleasure of watching the plants grow and see the appreciation smiles of the receivers”.  For this client we have arranged containers to be sent back home to Germany!!

·         Our friends and clients whose land is over 10,000 sq.m have planted tomatoes and lettuces, onions and other vegetables which are given free to the local Municipal grocery shops for the needy.  They have to take the cases of produce to the grocery shops and receive in exchange the smiles and thanks of the local staff.  “Sometimes when they run out of our products they call us” – lovely.

·        Another client never thought that golf will be suitable for me.  “Yet I now wake up at 6.00 a.m. to drive all the way to Paphos.  Due to my weight I never thought I would love it.  Golf must have been invented by a Cypriot, since there is not much exercise, during the drive we “solve” all sorts of political problems, gossip and at the end there is a restaurant with food and bar – Must have been a Cypriot.”

·         A lovely lady in Pissouri is producing the best pies, made during her spare time at home and then she sells them to local restaurants and others.  Angela is the name and the pies, we tasted them, they have an angelic taste!!

·         Charities is another route to venture.  In addition to the posher charities such as Rotary and Lions, there are so may around in all parts of Cyprus even small villages, it is one way to mingle with the locals and make new friends and keep yourself busy.

·         A Chinese client of ours has decided to join the local citizens watch group.  “I spend a lot of time and energy and I am now known by all”.

·         A craftsman and carpenter thought he would do something in his free time.  “I could not believe there is such a high demand and although it comes across my mind to expand I will not do this during my retirement.”

·         Another bought two old e-type jaguars from the U.K. and participates in the various events regarding rallies of antique cars. “I have visited places through the Club that I did not know existed.”

There are other retirement activities that have surfaced a niche demand for homes, especially in villages, which appear to have an increasing value.  Whereas there are not many around e.g. mainly ground floor units, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms small/large garden to go and with “friendly” neighbours around.

For myself (A.L.) I could not change my Pissouri house for the world and being next to three golf courses, I am starting to take lessons (in addition to my cooking efforts at home).