CYPRUS: Most Cypriots do not change work schedule to fit in with child care

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The overwhelming majority of employees in Cyprus manage to tackle their work and family life without changing their working conditions, official data indicates.

Some 63.5% of employees make no use of professional childcare services, while 24% use professional childcare services for all the children of the family and 12.5% use such services only for some of their children.
The main reason Cypriots snub childcare services is because care is arranged by the parents themselves (40.7%), the support of grandparents or others (34.4%) or because the children are able to take care of themselves (18.5%).
Only a small minority of 4.8% of employees said they did not turn to professional childcare due to a lack of such services, the cost involved or the quality of service.
A significant 81.2% of Cypriots said they did not adapt their working conditions to facilitate their childcare responsibilities, while only 12% made arrangements, such as changing their working schedule.
The figures reveal that 67.8% of the employees do not encounter any obstacles in reconciling work and family life, whereas 94.8% of them have used only maternity or paternity leave as part of work interruption for childcare reasons.