CYPRUS: Police storm ‘trans’ exhib, censor photos of naked men

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Police raided a photographic exhibition by Greek trans activist Paola Reveniotis on Friday night and confiscated photographs of naked men, reminiscent of the medieval ages that Cyprus lived through in past decades.

The exhibition, “Correction”, took place at the Municipal Market hall provided by the Nicosia Municipality, embarrassing the capital’s mayor Constantinos Yiorkadjis as he tries to project an image of equality and liberal arts in an otherwise neglected part of the old town.
Ironically, it was held on the day marking World Day of Remembrance for Transvestite Victims.
The lesbian gay bisexual and trans organisation, Accept LGBT Cyprus, said exhibits were seized after police “received a complaint from a citizen who disagreed with the content of photos depicting life through the camera lens of Paola Revenioti.”
Accept said that during the normal operating times of the market they had covered the exhibits and when during the day they noticed they had been partially unveiled, municipal staff proceeded to cover them up again.
“Therefore, the projects were covered both at the time of submission of the complaint and at the time of their seizure by police,” Accept LGBT said.
An announcement said police confiscated all exhibits after the single complaint and proceeded to questioning the President of the Organisation, Costas Gavrielides. The police eventually allowed the return of some photos, keeping others that depicted male nudity, as evidence in the investigation underway.
The Organisation has already made a complaint of the fact to the Commissioner for Administration and human rights, and will make a formal complaint, both the local authorities and to the European Parliament and the European Commission.
Meanwhile, Accept LGBT said that the viewing of Revenioti's documentary will continue as planned at 6pm on Saturday, in the same area of the municipal market, as announced initially.