Conference looks at Cyprus banking recovery

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The Hellenic Association for Financial Law, member of the European Society for Banking and Financial Law, recently organized a conference in Athens on “The crisis of the Cypriot Banking System and the recovery and resolution measures of Cypriot banks”, chaired by the distinguished Greek lawyer Dr. Dimitris G. Tsibanoulis
The conference attracted more than 300 people from Greece’s financial, business and banking elite, who heard speeches on legal and economic aspects across three individual panel discussions. Among the speakers were Konstantinos Botopoulos, Chairman of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission; Dr. Phivos Athanasiou, Senior Legal Counsel of the European Central Bank; Michael Stylianou, Head of the Bank Resolution Unit of the Cyprus Central Bank; and George Colocassides of the law firm Colocassides Hadjipieris and Co.
Beyond supporting the conference, Axia Ventures Group, the investment banking boutique, participated with a presentation by Stavros Agrotis on “The Cyprus’ Crisis: The interrelationship between the sovereign, the household and the banking sector”.
“Cyprus is going through a difficult situation at the moment,” Agrotis said, adding that, “conferences such as the one organized by the Hellenic Association for Financial Law can only assist towards creating a foundation on which potential solutions can be built. I am thoroughly pleased to have been part of such an esteemed panel’’.