Aid to T/Cypriots at CYP 157 mln

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Greek Cypriots have provided Turkish Cypriots total financial and economic aid amounting to CYP 157 mln in the two years since the crossing restrictions were eased.

Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said that since April 2003 when the crossing restrictions were lifted by the Turkish Cypriots and until the end of 2004, Greek Cypriots have provided substantial aid to their fellow citizens.

The calculations include direct expenditure of Greek Cypriots in the north, medical services provided to Turkish Cypriots in the government controlled areas, wages earned by T/Cypriots working here as well as government spending on T/Cypriot education.

“The aid package continues in 2005 and soon we shall announce new information,” said Chrysostomides.

The government estimates that from April 2003 until end of 2004, there were at least 2.3 mln G/Cypriot visits to the north, and based on average spending of CYP 10 per person, the total direct spending in the north amounts to CYP 25 mln.

With at least 5.000 T/Cypriots officially employed in the government controlled areas, and based on CYP 609 monthly average pay, it is estimated that T/Cypriots have collected wages totaling CYP 107.3 mln during the period.

At least 24.420 T/Cypriots have had access to medical services at state hospitals, for a total cost of CYP 4 mln. The government has also spent some CYP 2.35 mln in providing educational aid to T/Cypriots studying at private schools.