House protests US visit to occupied north

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Acting President of the Cyprus House of Represetnatives Vasos Lyssarides has expressed the discontent and indignation of all the parliamentary parties with respect to the arrival in the Turkish occupied north, through an illegal port of entry, of a US official, who is accompanying a business delegation representing American companies in Turkey.

“This action completely contradicts UN resolutions and every principle of justice”, said Lyssarides and appealed to the democratic feelings of all peoples, calling for their contribution to “make the voice of discontent and protest heard”.|

Referring to the issue which was not on today’s House agenda, Lyssarides said “I would like to express, on behalf of all sides in the House, our discontent and indignation for the unacceptable behaviour of the United States, as expressed with the visit of a commercial delegation, accompanied by an official of the US administration to an illegal airport”.

In his statement, the Acting President of the House said this action “is taking place with the flimsiest of excuses to lift the isolation of Turkish Cypriots, while it is known that this isolation is solely due to the behaviour of the occupation regime and not to the Greek Cypriots.”