EU unveils toughest Russia sanctions

A ban on Russian oil is included in the sixth EU package of tougher sanctions against Russia unveiled on Wednesday by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “This will be a complete import ban

Jumpin’ Vlad flash cuts his gas

By Jeffrey Halley The Ukraine/Russia conflict has suffered some headline fatigue of late, and more than a little complacency by the world’s financial markets, as China’s slowdown fears grabbed centre-stage. The economic


Tech gloom quickly fades

By Craig Erlam Stock markets pushed higher again on Thursday, with the Nasdaq taking part this time after Tesla reported strong figures for the first quarter. The doom and gloom following Netflix


Russia sanctions hurt Cyprus firefighters

The war in Ukraine and sanctions imposed on Moscow are taking a toll on the Cyprus forestry department that will be deprived of two Russian-owned firefighting helicopters it leases every year. The

21 Russians to lose Cyprus passports

Some 21 Russians holding a ‘golden passport’ will be stripped of their Cypriot nationality due to sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia for invading Ukraine. The government has decided to


Ending a bad week on a positive note

By Craig Erlam The stock market recovery has stalled this week, despite indices ending on a positive note as investors digest the latest speak from central banks. Naturally, front and centre is


Choppy markets continue

By Craig Erlam Tuesday was another choppy day in financial markets with Europe ending a mixed bag and US indices all in the red, but to varying degrees. Markets are indicative of


Caution ahead of more talks

By Craig Erlam European stocks were treading water on Monday and Wall Street was eyeing a similar theme amid another cautious start to the week. Pressure is ramping up on Brussels to

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