Cyprus revises foreign residency rules

In an attempt to attract foreign investments to the Island and help economic growth, the Cyprus government in March 2021 revised Regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations. These amendments were


Temporary residency made harder for expats

Undoubtedly the law amendments on the registration and acquisition of a temporary residency permit in the Republic, published on the government website, will affect British nationals relocating to Cyprus post-Brexit. Those of


Changes to Cyprus residency visas

Following the abolition of the Cyprus Investment Programme regarding the “sale” of Cypriot passports, a new revised scheme was introduced for permanent residency visas and expanded with some changes. As of 24.3.2021,


Developers eye residency scheme to attract investors

Following the collapse of the Cyprus Citizenship for Investment Scheme, developers of large projects urge the government to make the residency programme “more functional and easily accessible”. The Association of Large Investment