Cyprus monkeypox alert after suspect case

The Health Ministry has confirmed that authorities are treating a suspected case of monkeypox involving a 34-year-old Eastern European man working in Paphos. Health Ministry spokesperson Konstantinos Athanasiou said Wednesday the man

Cyprus rolls out vaccine for monkeypox

Cyprus’ national vaccination committee on Monday approved the Imvanex vaccine to protect high-risk groups against monkeypox. Health authorities also introduced a protocol to manage confirmed cases, including self-isolation. The committee recommended the

Action plan for any Monkeypox outbreak

Drawing up a management and action plan by the Ministry of Health to deal with the possible detection of monkeypox cases in Cyprus is in its final stage. The Vaccination Committee is

Cyprus prepares for monkeypox

Health authorities are drafting a response plan for a possible outbreak of monkeypox in Cyprus, including a vaccination rollout. Health Ministry officials on Tuesday are to exchange views with epidemiological and pharmaceutical

Cyprus on alert for monkeypox

Experts urge the government and public to be vigilant for monkeypox cases, as an unprecedented global spread of the virus raises a new health alarm. In comments to CNA, University of Cyprus