Housing loans reach new peak

Despite strong inflationary pressures crushing household incomes, the value of new mortgages taken out had reached its highest level since December 2014, when the Central Bank began recording data. Net new mortgage

Debt restructuring slowdown

Debt restructuring declined to €545 mln in the first six months, with loan renegotiations slowing following a record year due to the pandemic as non-performing loans declined to their lowest point since

New bank loans up 28.2% to May

New credit granted by Cypriot banks increased by nearly 30% in the first five months of the year compared to 2021, pushed upwards by higher demand for household and business loans. According

New bank loans plunge 50%

New credit granted by Cypriot banks dropped by nearly 50% in April compared with the previous month, pushed downward by a big reduction in housing loans. According to data published by the Central

Toxic bank loans rise to 11.7%

The rate of non-performing loans in the Cyprus banking sector increased to 11.7% of total loans in January from 11.1% at the end of 2021, data released by the Central Bank of Cyprus on

High on liquidity, but no loans

Cyprus banks deny accusations that despite excess liquidity of €21.7 bln, they are hesitant to redirect the cash flow back into the capital-starved economy through lending to new and existing businesses. Banks

New bank loans up 22% in 2021

Total new bank loans in Cyprus increased by 22.2% in 2021 compared to the previous year, coming close to the levels of pre-coronavirus 2019, with deposits also taking off. According to the

NPLs stay at 18% of total bank loans

The Central Bank of Cyprus published data showing the evolution of aggregate non-performing loans for all credit institutions, with NPLs standing at €5.134 bln in May from €5.141 mln the month before.

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