Huge uncertainty in week ahead

By Craig Erlam Uncertainty sums up the feeling in the markets at the moment and that is highlighted by the moves seen on the opening day of the week. Equity markets in


ΕCB to discuss quantitative tightening

The European Central Bank Governing Council will begin discussions on shrinking its balance sheet during Wednesday’s non-monetary policy meeting in Limassol. The Central Bank of Cyprus announced that ECB President Christine Lagarde

A busy end to the week

By Craig Erlam Stock markets are bouncing back on Friday, although no one is getting excited by the moves which pale in comparison to the preceding losses. This looks like nothing more


King dollar feeds off aggressive Fed

By Han Tan, Chief Market Analyst at Exinity Group King dollar’s scorched-earth ascent to a fresh 20-year peak has clobbered broad swathes of financial markets, with dollar-denominated assets clearly bearing the brunt.


Cyprus unemployment below eurozone 7%

Compared to the year before, Cyprus saw a reduction in its annual unemployment rate, dropping to 6.4% in 2021, falling below the eurozone average of 7%. The country’s unemployment rate remained unchanged