Energy for peace could work

From mid-2019, when the US showed interest in the trilateral cooperation process between Cyprus, Israel and Greece as part of the “3+1” initiative, the natural gas exploration and upstream utilisation was seen


We need EuroAsia after all

The EuroAsia interconnection project must move forward. The future of energy worldwide, and in Cyprus, is green energy and renewable energy sources (RES). We cannot increase the penetration of RES by more


More electric shocks for consumers

Cypriot consumers were warned to brace themselves for more hikes to their electricity bills, as the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) said they expect increases in line with an upward trend in

‘Solar systems for all’ to launch

The Finance and Energy Ministries have approved a grant scheme, “Photovoltaics for all”, encouraging homeowners to install solar systems on their roofs. With the latest scheme promoted by the government, any homeowner

EU energy crisis hasn’t gone away

The European Commission thinks the natural gas crisis has gone away. However, many energy-intensive companies have either closed or reduced production after being unable to cope with higher energy prices, especially as


Falling short on energy policy

The cost of energy in Cyprus has long been expensive, whether fuel for transport or electricity for household and commercial use. And nobody seems to care. When prices at petrol pumps peaked


Cyprus needs to address energy challenges

Energy Minister George Papanastasiou said the energy sector in Cyprus “is currently facing significant challenges” with the high cost of power generation. He told the diaspora conference that addressing these challenges was