A perfect storm is brewing

Without COVID to keep people in check, the government is wobbling to the finish line like a lame horse in the Grand National. After spending a truckload in state support to keep


Voter appeal does not create jobs

It is sad that with the next presidential elections nine months away, what used to be a pro-business administration, aiming to boost entrepreneurship, build public sector efficiency, and combat corruption, has done


Developers crushed under soaring costs

The construction industry is suffering as the price hike of raw materials continues, with developers crushed under higher costs as they are deprived of Russian money. Developers say some private projects in

Cyprus economy facing ‘double whammy’

  European economies like Cyprus are facing the “twin problem” of rising commodity and energy prices and heightened uncertainty following the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, experts argued. “The war really threatens the


Business confidence improves

Cyprus business seems to have discounted a doom-and-gloom fallout from the war in Ukraine, with economic sentiment for April improving by 2.8 points but still below the level before Russia’s invasion. The

High inflation is the future

Economists and authorities in Cyprus are increasingly concerned an inflation surge hitting the island will become a tidal wave, lasting for some years as a “de-globalisation” process is set into motion. Government


Inflation biggest threat to recovery

Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides fears the current energy crunch fuelled by the war in Ukraine will be difficult to tame, comparing it to the oil crisis in the 1970s. Addressing the 12th

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