Nowhere to plug your EV

Cyprus’ e-mobility transport network is hampered by a lack of charging points, with authorities rushing to place the infrastructure to cater to the rising demand for electric vehicles. The world is on

Energy grid held to ransom

Union-led workers at the Electricity Authority of Cyprus do not seem to have understood the free-market concept of competition. Instead, they are again manipulating the pre-election period to push through selfish demands


EAC strike could cause blackouts

The power supply could be endangered by electricity authority staff deciding to pull the plug on six out-of-date steam turbines at the Dhekelia power station that pollutes the environment. In comments to


Government blasts EAC strike as anti-consumer

Cyprus Electricity Authority staff staging a 12 hour-strike Wednesday were accused of exploiting the pre-election period at the public’s expense. Trade unions are protesting the government’s “unwillingness to hire the necessary staff


Cyprus emissions and EAC faulty filters

While Cyprus is expected to pay more than €100 mln in fines for emissions released by its power plants, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus has come under scrutiny over failing filter systems

EAC confirms new electricity bills will burn

The Cyprus Electricity Authority’s pricing plans are ready to be approved by the Energy Regulator, with households expected to pay 25% more on their bills. EAC spokesperson Christina Papadopoulou told CNA on