Game over for Armenia?

During the past three decades, Armenia struggled to convince the world that the ethnic enclave of Nagorno-Karabagh was an integral part of the Armenian nation, connected to the motherland with a fragile


Ethnic cleansing or last stand for survival?

For the last few days, 120,000 Armenian men, women, and children have been deliberately trapped by Azerbaijan in their ancestral homeland, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Azerbaijan has blockaded them, and they are now completely


Armenia is not doomed!

“Our historical lands are the Erivan khanate (i.e. Yerevan), the Goycha (i.e. Lake Sevan) and Zangezur (i.e. Syunik) Mahals. The time will come when we will live there. I believe in and


Nicosia protests Tatar’s Azerbaijan meeting

The Cyprus Foreign Ministry has lodged a formal protest against a meeting between the Turkish Cypriot leader and the president of Azerbaijan amid concerns of an escalated partition campaign. The Foreign Ministry