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COVID19: Cyprus firms targeted by state-backed hackers

Leaders in Cyprus financial services, healthcare and consulting have been targeted by government-backed ‘hack-for-hire firms’ exploiting the coronavirus pandemic, according to Google data. Security experts at Alphabet Inc’s Google sent 1,755 warnings in April to users whose accounts were targets

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Cyprus and Jordan renew defence pact

Defence Ministries of Cyprus and Jordan renewed a military cooperation programme expressing their joint political will for further deepening their collaboration in the defence and security. The signing took place at the


Cyprus football tarnished as match-fixing hub

Cyprus tainted as a centre for match-fixing has come as no shock, said Justice Minister George Savvides about a damning report by Spanish website El Confidencial. “The report does not come as


Cyprus warns NATO to constrain Turkey

Turkey is taking advantage of worsening relations between Russia and NATO to push for more influence in the eastern Mediterranean and most countries have failed to react, Cyprus warns. “Turkey feels unrestrained given U.S. efforts to


French fighter jets test Cyprus air defences

French fighter jets took part in a joint military exercise on Monday to test Cyprus’ air defences to better prepare the island for any possible attack. Cypriot Defence Minister Savvas Angelides said

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