Lanitis Bros. profits nose-dive

Lanitis Bros. (LB), the local Coke bottler and milk and juices manufacturer reported a highly disappointing set of results for 2004, with net profits nose-diving to CYP 463.832 from CYP 1.25 mln

UK gets official virus alert site

A rapid alerting service that tells home computer users about serious internet security problems is being launched by the UK government. The service, IT Safe, will issue warnings about damaging viruses, software

A&P lifts dividend on higher profits

A&P Andreou Paraskevaides (APE) the local bottlers of Pepsi upped the final dividend to be declared for 2004 to 0.67 cent per share from 0.55 cent in 2003 for a yield of

Kanika declares record dividend

Kanika Hotels (KAN) surprised the market by announcing a record dividend for 2005, on top of a final dividend for 2004, taking its yield to a whopping 45%. After reporting a doubling