Cyprus LNG plant vs EastMed pipeline

Proponents of the East Med pipeline unrealistically believed the project would forge an economic alliance and create vested interests to leverage the defence and security of Greece, primarily, and Cyprus. This belief


COVID-19 changed European economics

During the Eurozone crisis, Germany imposed its philosophy of strict austerity on addressing the structural economic problems in the Eurozone. Furthermore, the architecture of the Eurozone was faulty, as was pointed out


Copper in our lives

Copper is an essential part of human life. It is so ingrained in our daily lives that we encounter it without even noticing. Due to its high ductility, malleability, thermal and electrical

Russia-Ukraine war a paradigm shift in diplomacy

According to John Mearsheimer, the eminent American international relations scholar, “what money is to economics, power is to international relations”. Indeed, the two major assumptions/tenets of rationality and maximisation, either of wealth


Putin’s long obsession with Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who launched an invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, has long been obsessed with returning the country to Moscow’s fold in the name of Russia’s greatness. For many Russians

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