Bolt rents electric scooters in Nicosia

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Leading European on-demand transportation platform Bolt launched an electric scooter rental service in Nicosia, making 1,600 scooters available to commuters at strategic points in the capital.

The company, boasting over 150 million customers across 45 countries and 500 cities in Europe and Africa, aims to simplify transportation in the capital by combining ride-hailing and scooter rentals.

Paul Alvarez, Regional Micromobility Manager at Bolt, emphasised the company’s mission to simplify urban mobility, particularly in congested cities like greater Nicosia.

“Electric scooters offer a more efficient alternative to cars with drivers for many short trips.”

Alvarez highlighted the local suitability, “with every fourth ride in Cyprus being shorter than 3 kilometres; greater Nicosia is an ideal setting for scooter trips.”

He added that Bolt’s service provides a dual solution for urban commuters by addressing the issues of reducing car rides and saving time and money.

Kristian Kobescak, Country Manager for Cyprus at Bolt, underscored the importance of safety, making it a top priority for riders and others in traffic during scooter rides.

He emphasised the need for responsible behaviour with the scooters and in traffic.

Kobescak expressed the company’s collaborative approach, aiming to work with authorities to establish best practices for scooter use in Nicosia, ensuring a safe and responsible environment for everyone on the road.

For Bolt app users, a new emoticon now appears, leading to the scooter rental interface.

Those who do not have the Bolt app can download it from Google Play or the Apple Store.

Unlocking the scooter involves scanning the QR code on the scooter, accompanied by initial instructions on safe riding and parking.

The initial scooter unlock is free, with subsequent charges of €0.2 per minute during the ride.

To celebrate the launch, unlocking scooters will remain free until the end of the year, with a Bolt official telling the Financial Mirror the plan is to extend it until summer 2024.

Bolt hopes to strategically position scooters at transportation hotspots and popular locations throughout the city.

The company aims to deploy 1,600 scooters, with the flexibility to increase this number based on user demand.

Bolt scooters have built-in GPS trackers to provide data on pickup and drop-off locations, with daily redistribution to designated spots.

Bolt, operating in 250 cities across 25 European countries, is actively planning substantial expansion in the upcoming season, exploring entry into additional countries and cities.