Putin made ‘terrible mistake’, will ‘lose this war’: Trudeau

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday said Russian President Vladimir Putin had made “a terrible mistake” by invading Ukraine and would “lose” the war there.

“We will always have slightly different perspectives from one democracy to the next. Vladimir Putin was counting on those slight differences between us to lead to ineffective sanctions,” Trudeau said.

“But we have been strongly, unequivocally united on this,” he told reporters alongside Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw.

“Vladimir Putin has made a terrible mistake. He’s going to lose this war… because the ferocity and strength and resolve of the Ukrainian people defending their territory is inspiring us all,” Trudeau said.

“And because our resolve as friends and allies — friends of Ukraine, allies to each other — and countries committed to democracy, to the rule of law, to the UN charter, cannot allow Vladimir Putin to be successful,” he added.

“We deplore all the further threats that Russia continues to make but Putin needs to know that the consequences for his actions already will be severe and further escalations by him, further targeting of civilians.. is going to be met with the severest of responses both globally and individually on him.”