Kabul falls to Taliban amid ‘smooth’ transition

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The Afghan capital Kabul seems to have fallen to the Taliban, ending a ten-day blitzkrieg, occupying all major towns and cities as US forces prepare for their final departure on the September 11 two-decade anniversary.

News reports suggest quoted the country’s interior minister admitting defeat and saying that “Afghanistan will have a peaceful transfer of power to a transitional government.”

The rebels took advantage of the US withdrawal and western diplomatic missions sought safe passage or locations, while Moscow said it would not abandon the Russian embassy.

US diplomats were reportedly airlifted by Chinook transport helicopters to nearby American military bases.

The Afghan capital of 5 mln was in a chaotic situation as people fearing for their lives and harsh new Islamic rule tried to withdraw money from ATMs, depleting bank reserves, while Kabul airport was overcrowded as thousands tried to flee the country by air.