Dro.Me.A. joins Fit to Inspire for womens health in Cyprus

2 mins read

Dro.Me.A. Racing, one of the largest running clubs in Cyprus, has partnered with soon-to-be launched Fit to Inspire (FTI), an inspirational community spanning across different countries that fosters fitness and wellbeing for women through the organization of running events.

The two organizations share similar philosophies and can benefit greatly from a partnership. Dro.Me.A. promotes long-distance running at all levels – elite through recreational – as part of a healthier lifestyle. Fit to Inspire believes that fitness and wellbeing should be accessible to all women, no matter what their fitness level, and embraces the concept of inspiring one another and exercising together to achieve a healthier lifestyle. “We are delighted to team up with such an energetic and dynamic community. We already have plenty of women runners but through Fit to Inspire we can engage further with women wishing to start running, not just in Cyprus but also from abroad”. Stelios Ioannou, Dro.Me.A Racing President said.

“Fit to Inspire believes that living a healthy life starts with friendship – and friends who work out together not only have more fun, they ultimately feel better about themselves and their life, no matter what their age,” said Rebeca Plantier, founder of Fit to Inspire. “A running club, especially one like Dro.Me.A, that started out as a group of friends proving assistance for lone runners in the park exemplifies our philosophy perfectly. We look forward to promoting health and wellness on a global level, and are thrilled to be joining forces with Dro.Me.A.”

By joining up with the FTI community, Dro.Me.A. members will be able to connect with an international community of fellow runners, exchange health, fitness, dietary information, and read inspiring stories and ultimately inspire others, in Cyprus and elsewhere in the world.