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Latest Covid 19 Cyprus News

Flu jab rollout early October

Cyprus health authorities will be rolling out an influenza vaccination campaign early October, following the expected arrival on Wednesday of some 170,000

COVID19: Updated boosters for over 30s

Cyprus has lowered the age limit for administrating an updated second COVID-19 booster to cover everyone over 30, the Health Ministry announced.

COVID19: End of pandemic visible

The World Health Organisation’s belief that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is now in sight has Cypriot virologist Dr Peter Karayiannis

COVID19: Updated fourth jab rollout

Authorities will roll out a second booster shot against COVID-19 next week for everyone over 30 with updated vaccines, covering Omicron, said

COVID19: No more state testing sites

Health authorities have ditched the last remaining state COVID-19 testing points at shopping malls and supermarkets, arguing experts have a clear image