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Cyprus has highest municipal waste in EU

19 February, 2013

Maybe it is because Cypriots do not flush paper down the toilet and instead bag it up, maybe it is because retailers still put everything multiple plastic bags, but whatever the reason Cyprus produces the highest amount of municipal waste in the European Union according to figures from the Statistical Service.
In 2010 (the latest comparative data available) the amount of municipal solid waste generated was 691 kg per inhabitant in Cyprus compared with 502 kg in the European Union was 502 kg.
This was the highest weight in the EU and is similar to levels in Luxembourg (678 kg), Denmark (673 kg) and Ireland (636 kg).
The amount of waste dropped in 2011, however, to 560,000 tonnes compared with 572,000 tonnes in 2010.
Of the total amount generated in 2011, 80.2% was delivered to landfills. 8.6% was composted and the remaining 11.2% is estimated to have been collected for recycling.