Sept. 4, 2014 09:06 UTC

NCKU Professor Initiates Student Internship with Charnwood Arts in UK

TAINAN, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Assistant Professor Ming Turner from the Institute of Creative Industries Design (ICID) at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Taiwan, initiated the 2014 UK Internship project working with Charnwood Arts in the UK, the university revealed today.

Funded by the Ministry of Education, Professor Turner led a group of ten MA and PhD students from ICID as interns at Charnwood Arts from July 21 to September 1.

Having previously lived and worked in the UK for nine years, Professor Turner has developed connections with various organizations in the UK in the field of art and culture.

She said, “The establishment of the internship project aims to develop collaborative links between NCKU and UK partners.”

The internship has been very successful and beneficial, both to all of the students involved and to Charnwood Arts itself.

With the generous support of the CEO of Charnwood Arts, Kevin Ryan, several workshops with visual, performance and sound artists in the UK were organized for the students specifically to provide both general and essential skills for event management and the development of arts activities.

Ryan said, “This is the first residency of what we hope to be an on-going relationship with the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.”

The NCKU students have been working on several projects as well as meeting and working with UK artists.

They also initiated their own projects working with local artists and the general public, including contemporary Chinese calligraphy workshops, children’s painting and collage workshops, sound and senses projects, involvement in the Loughborough Mela, and a creative fair with local artists and designers.

ICID has always been keen to develop collaborative partnerships with creative industries, and the internship project has created the opportunity for ICID students and members of staff to work closely with a well-established international arts organization in the UK.

Undoubtedly, this inaugural internship with Charnwood Arts in 2014 will generate an on-going partnership with NCKU in the future, according to Turner.


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