July 29, 2014 12:00 UTC

Bionest Executives Cite Increasing Potential for In Vitro Diagnostics in Drug Development Process

InVivo Article Discusses Expanding Role for Diagnostics Firms in the Creation of Advanced Medical Knowledge; While Considering the Potential Risk

NEW YORK & PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Bionest Partners, a life science industry strategic consulting firm announced today that members of its executive team have co-authored an article that was published in InVivo today and titled: “When Illumina Buys Roche: The Dawning of the Era of Diagnostics Dominance.”

Bionest Co-Chairmen Robert J. Easton and Alain J. Gilbert, along with Olivier Lesueur (Managing Partner), Rachel Laing (Senior Consultant), and industry writer, Mark Ratner helped write this seminal feature on the evolving landscape and influence of companion diagnostics.

This comprehensive article takes the position that today’s diagnostics companies are no longer to be viewed as “tools” operations, but rather as having the deep resources and technology platforms to move beyond their former position as an adjunct to the drug development process; and can, in fact, “create and pursue a strategy of information gathering and informatics application to create medical knowledge, enabling them to create medical knowledge; enabling them to assume risk and manage certain segments of patients.” The article goes on to state that this evolution from an information specialist to a true development partner is a natural progression for companies within this category and places them in the position to also earn a “higher valuation than less-aggressive players who only supply compartmentalized drug and device solutions.

“Historically, diagnostics companies have been compartmentalized as commodity enterprises with limited value,” said Bionest Co-Chairman, Alain J. Gilbert, “and given limited opportunity to play anything other than a subordinate role in developing medicines. These newly-fortified, and resource-rich diagnostic companies are now in a position to leverage the data that they generate to create critical medical knowledge that will be of enormous value to their pharmaceutical partners and their patients.”

“The industry is already witnessing the impact and future use of this rich information in therapeutic areas such as oncology where intricate genomic tests often provide physicians with the ability to help classify a patient’s cancer,” stated Robert J. Easton, Bionest co-chairman. “The potential for diagnostics to impact the clinical setting is already being achieved, but the economic capability is what will help create a more robust value proposition within the industry.”

The article cites the need for diagnostic companies to move away from their historical position as a utility to a full-fledged development partner with a “broader view of the proteomic and genomic information they are amassing with a panoply of markers – instead of the atomistic one-drug, one-marker mentality that still pervades – they could envision building a better model for drug discovery, eventually adding on other information such as ion measurements and blood glucose, and getting to the point of being able to advise a patient. And it is the ability to perform that advisory function that will add tremendous value above what any single test provides.”


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