July 29, 2014 08:10 UTC

Edwards’ Steel Degassing System Brings Environmental and Economic Benefits to Italian Steel Manufacturer

Large steel producer benefits from increased reliability and productivity after installing dry pump technology

CRAWLEY, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Edwards has installed a modular steel degassing system in a large steel producer in Italy, replacing an existing steam ejector system which had high running costs and energy usage. The steel manufacturer, which produces 1.5 million tons per year of high quality steel for the automotive and power industries, has had 6 Edwards’ mechanical steel degassing modules installed. Key in the decision to use Edwards’ steel degassing vacuum equipment was that the system is modular - its standardized concept provides an easy installation and integration, securing immediate reduction of running costs.

The mechanical steel degassing system from Edwards enables the customer to enjoy the immediate readiness of the system compared to steam ejectors, which require heating up time, providing an increase in productivity, reliability and consistency. In the unlikely event of pump failure the modular design of the system ensures high uptime in a simple, reliable way, and provides improved stability.

Edwards has the largest installed base of dry pumps in the global steel industry, and this experience in steel degassing, together with the field proven quality and performance of Edwards’ pumps, were other major factors in winning the steel producer’s confidence in Edwards.

Alessandro Vila, Sales Manager, Europe at Edwards, commented, “Thanks to the pioneering work of Edwards, energy saving mechanical vacuum systems are today almost a standard in vacuum degassing. Nowadays steel plants are increasingly eager to replace their energy consuming steam ejectors and we are proud to be the supplier of choice in product and support”.

Edwards’ mechanical steel degassing system uses multi stage mechanical boosters supported by dry screw primary vacuum pumps. Increasingly mechanical dry pumps are replacing traditional steam ejectors as the vacuum technology of choice. Lower running costs, higher pumping speeds, predictable maintenance and lower environmental impact all lend weight to the case for mechanical dry pumps. The savings in energy costs from using dry mechanical pumps are high compared to steam ejectors.

For further information about Edwards’ steel degassing products please see www.edwardsvacuum.com/steel

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